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If you’re looking to buy an aftermarket car audio system, it’s important to consider the car you have and your listening preferences. There are few things more invigorating and satisfying than good audio, whether you’re listening to your favourite tunes, the radio, or a podcast.

On the way to work, on a road trip, or out and about visiting friends, you need a good quality car audio system to enjoy all that your car has to offer. Nothing beats singing along to your favourite music on the highway or losing yourself in a good audiobook while you drive down those country lanes. You should be doing it with a good system that will have your back.

Here at Automotive Audio Visual, we know how important a good car audio system is. That’s why we’ve put together this list of considerations you should think about before purchasing yours.

First, You Ought To Understand Your Car Stereo

The car stereo is the main component in audio systems and is usually installed directly into your dashboard. Inside this system is the source, a component that controls what you listen to (whether it be AM/FM radio, CD player, Bluetooth connections, or aux).

There is also the preamp, used to adjust the sound through volume, fading, balance, bass, and tone. Finally, there is the amplifier which transforms the minute low-voltage signals from the preamp into the high-voltage audio you enjoy from the speakers.

Decide On What Size Car Audio System You Want

Car audio systems come in a variety of sizes which often influence what features they include. The type you pick may be due to personal preference or your car’s capability.

A Single DIN

These are the most common car stereo that you’ll find, generally measuring about 7 x 2in. They can be fitted in pretty much any car.

A Double DIN

These are so-called because they are double the height of the Single DIN, measuring 7 x 4in. Because of this extra height, Double DIN systems can often incorporate a touchscreen, ideal for a safe selection of your listening.

OEM Replacement

Some vehicles have bespoke fitting audio systems which will not fit a standard single or double DIN. In this case, you should browse OEM Replacements that are designed to fit the specific size of your dash.

What Features Do You Want From Your Car Audio System?

As with any technology, car audio systems are advancing rapidly to give you all that you could want from your system while in your vehicle. However, these features can often cloud judgement in excitement. You should decide what you want out of car audio first and make a list before you begin browsing.

We’ve collected some of the possible features that come with modern car audio systems that you can use as a guide.

Bluetooth Connections

These are ideal for connecting your phone or tablet for a hands-free experience. This will allow you to answer calls without physically picking up the phone and taking your eyes off the road. They also mean that you can play anything you want from your phone through your car speakers. That includes your Spotify playlist, your new audiobook, or your favourite podcast.

CD Playback

This is a fairly standard feature on all car audio systems but it allows you more freedom to choose your own CD and listen to all your old favourites. There is something gratifying about a physical copy of your music sometimes so it’s understandable that CD players are still so popular in-car audio systems.

USB Inputs

If you don’t have Bluetooth or you want to improve the quality of the connection between your phone, tablet, or another gadget and the car audio system, a USB input is essential. Not only do these allow you to plug in your phone and enjoy all the benefits of Bluetooth without the drain on your phone’s battery, but it means you can also plug in USB storage drives. This gives you access to much more freedom in what you listen to.

GPS Navigation

In a world where paper maps are swiftly becoming redundant, interactive GPS systems are the way forward. When integrated with your car audio system, the volume and quality of instruction are clearer and easier to follow. These are a must-have for anyone who’s out and about regularly.

Assess sound quality and controls

When browsing for a car audio system, it’s important to remember the audio! You want a device that will have a high-efficiency rating – this is called the SPL rating and measures sensitivity. Ideally, you will want a rating of 90 decibels or higher so you can avoid a system requiring too much power.

For all of your car accessory needs, browse Automotive Audio Visual today to find the car audio system for you.

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