Getting your car audio just right can be a struggle. A lot of built-in audio systems can seem a little bit tinny, and won’t quite have the audio quality that you want when listening to your favourite tunes.

Whether you want to pick up on the little details of your favourite song or want a fuller listening experience that blasts out power ballads effortlessly, you might be best served by upgrading your audio systems.

Read on to find out how to do just that, and get an audio system you can rely on.

Step One: Get rid of the default radio

The radio receiver in your car is likely to be sub-par. By installing a customer receiver, you can quickly and easily boost the quality of your radio, and get more power out of your system which can give you much better quality sound out of your speakers.

There is a wide range of receivers on the market, so you can tweak your receiver for your needs.

Whether you need Bluetooth compatibility, want to listen to some traditional radio or would prefer to stream from your phone, you can consider all of these aspects in your choice of receiver.

Step Two: Get new speakers

Whilst a receiver can make your car’s original speakers sound good, you can really take your sound system to the next level by making use of custom speaker systems. It’s important to try and make sure they fit all of the doors in your car since you might have to complete your system speaker by speaker.

This means that every part can be compatible with all speaker slots in your car, and you won’t have to scramble for extra parts in the case of a speaker reshuffle.

Step Three: Power and bass

The next thing to upgrade is the power that your system has, which can be done with an amplifier. An amplifier lets your speakers reach their full potential, helping to boost the volume that you can achieve whilst every single note can be pulled out of the melody.

This means you can really enjoy your favourite music. By combining your amp with a subwoofer, you can give your sound system an extra touch of bass, upping the volume and power behind all of your music.

If you really want to take your system to the next level, the right amp and subwoofer combination can make all the difference.

Use AAV today

If you’re looking for the right parts to complete your audio system, or even just need help and advice in putting together a sound system you will love, get in touch with the Aavaus team today.

We have over 35 years of experience in all things AV, putting us in the perfect position to advise you on your upgrades.

We also stock all of the finest speaker, receiver and amplifier brands, meaning that you know you’re getting the best when you come to us. Give us a call today to find out what we can do for your audio system.

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