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Prepare Your Vehicle With a Dashcam in the Gold Coast

Fitting a dashcam in the Gold Coast in your vehicle is a wise decision. Some insurers are now suggesting more drivers install dashcams to protect themselves in the case of future claims.

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Benefits of a Dash Camera Installation in the Gold Coast

Dashboard cameras capture images and sound from inside and outside the vehicle. The reason they’ve become popular recently is partly due to affordability. After initially arriving on the scene, most cameras were highly-priced. However, a massive decrease in the price has accounted for ordinary citizens installing dashcams in their vehicles. There are several advantages to installing a dashcam.

  • The footage from the camera is evidence after an accident. In most cases, the wrong party in an accident absolves themselves from responsibility due to lack of evidence. Dashcams start recording once the vehicle moves and some models provide loop recording. Every time the vehicle is switched off, the previous recording is erased because no incidents occurred in that time. It’s effortless on the driver’s part to install a camera just to be safe if you’re required to produce evidence in a court case.
  • Advanced models operate in standby mode, which is advantageous in capturing criminal activity. Much like a vehicle alarm system, the camera senses movement in and around the vehicle and automatically records. It’s crucial in instances of crime is, or another vehicle crashes into yours while parked in a public space. The recording provides evidence to your insurance company regarding the damage to your car.
  • The recording from a dashcam is essential in reporting bad drivers. They’re everywhere, whether you like it or not and instead of always feeling frustrated, camera footage provides you with the opportunity to report hazardous driving. On a similar note, reviewing the footage after lending your vehicle to a teenager will demonstrate how they’re behaving on the road.

The footage from a dashcam could also capture evidence of a third-party accident which may solve a case.

Tips for Buying a Car Dash Cam

Dashcams are a functional addition to any vehicle. It provides you with backup if you’re ever involved in an incident and requires evidence. However, before you buy a camera for your car, you should consider various aspects that will determine its effectiveness.

  • The quality of the picture. It’s pointless having a recording that isn’t visible because the image is too grainy and unclear. Cameras that capture more pixels provide a clearer image, hence acquiring a higher number is advisable.
  • Night vision is imperative if you often drive after dark. An ordinary camera would render itself useless if it’s not capable of capturing images at night. Night vision ensures your camera records the footage that is still clearly visible even if it’s not as colourful and clear as in the day.
    Dashcams that can connect to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is practical in the technology-driven age. It simplifies the process of accessing your footage on your smartphone via the cloud or a dedicated app.

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