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At Automotive Audio Visual, we specialise in car audio, marine-audio and home entertainment, and we want to keep you up to date with the latest sought-after audio products for your vehicle. Our high-grade car accessories will require some care and maintenance to ensure long-lasting, high-quality performance, so we hope to inform you of the best way to do this. One of the most common problems with car audio is when the speakers blow out – here we are going to explain why that happens and how you can prevent it.

What does it mean when your speakers blow out?

This situation usually happens as a result of car mechanical and thermal problems, as these can be difficult to pinpoint. Here are some signs you can look out for when considering if your car speakers have blown out:

– Distorted sound
– You cannot hear your music but a rattling sound instead
– Lack of bass sound
– No vibration element from the speakers

If you are experiencing a few of these signs, or at least one on a consistent basis, it is highly likely that your car speakers have blown.

What causes your speakers to blow out?

Here we will outline some of the central causes of car audio speakers being blown out and some small tips on how to prevent this from happening.


Turning up the volume too high in your car for an extended period of time can be hugely damaging to your car audio speakers. Turning up the volume to an excessively high level will result in too much power being built up in and around the speaker and can lead to a building up of heat. This build-up of heat has the potential to separate components of the speaker or even more simply, melt the glue that is holding the speaker’s components together. To avoid this happening, operate the car audio system in your car appropriately and safely to prevent excessive power and the resulting heat from causing permanent damage.


This issue often happens in cars that have a dedicated amplifier within their car audio systems. The issue refers to the overdriven amp which cuts off – or clips – the top and bottom of the sound waveform. The damage to your speakers is a result of the clipped sound delivering too much power. To avoid this happening, again, try not to have your volume excessively loud for a long period, and make sure that your speakers are paired with an amplifier powerful enough for a good signal.

Physical damage

This issue mainly occurs through incorrect installation and lack of protective measures. To avoid this, take advantage of our famous $1 installation services – that way, you know your car audio has been correctly installed.

Our high-quality car audio speakers and accessories can avoid the issue of blown-out speakers. Check out our available car audio stock on our website.

At Automotive Audio Visual, we have products specified for a wide array of car manufacturers, meaning there is definitely something for you! Please contact us with any enquiries about our products, visit us in-store on the Gold Coast, or contact us through our website to find out more about our services.

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