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Choosing a quality stereo for your car can be a daunting task if you don’t understand how these custom upgrades work. If you are feeling lost when faced with the thousands of choices, we are here to help.

The first and most common question we hear is, “which car stereo is going to fit my car?”. Choosing a car stereo is not as simple as picking the one that looks best, since most are customised for specific models, but there are exceptions.

As long as you understand the difference between a single-DIN car stereo and a double-DIN car stereo and have the correct fascia panel, universal car stereos should fit any car. You should be able to seamlessly install your universal car stereo into almost any vehicle’s interior if you have the right fascia panel installed.

Which Stereo Will Fit My Car?

If you are looking for a custom fit, search for your vehicle’s make and model. You can then choose from an option that is specifically designed for your car. Any other custom options will not fit and should be discounted.

If you want a wider choice of options, then you can search for a universal model. But the important thing to recognise is that not every universal car stereo is going to fit every vehicle.

The Difference Between Single-DIN And Double-DIN For Car Stereos

Single DIN is the standard size for car stereos. The stereo slot on most cars is a single DIN. Standard DIN slots measure 2-1/8 inch (50mm) in height by 7-1/8 inch (180mm) in width. There is no need to purchase an additional adapter kit to fit most car stereos into the single DIN slot.

If you are not technically minded, you can simply measure the cavity in your vehicle and if it matches those dimensions, you have a single DIN and you need a single DIN universal car stereo.

However, some vehicles have a double-DIN. Generally, a double-DIN (also known as 2-DIN) radio has twice as much height as a standard DIN radio, or 180 mm x 100 mm, or 7 x 4 inches. These are more common in modern or luxury vehicles. This extra space is used for video, reverse car cameras, navigation and a range of other purposes.

Will A Single-DIN Stereo Fit Into A Double-DIN Cavity?

There are installation kits that will enable you to put the smaller single-DIN option into a double-DIN stereo space. This might be desirable for the budget-conscious or for someone who only wants a basic stereo solution. The adapter kit will fill out the entire cavity with your stereo face in the centre for easy access.

You Will Also Need A Fascia Panel Kit

While the cavity in your dashboard may be the perfect fit for a universal car stereo, the mounting around it (known as the fascia panel) will not. If you are replacing the OEM stereo with an aftermarket solution, you will need a matching fascia panel so that it fits your vehicle perfectly.

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