Is your speaker rattling? At AAV, we’re experts in all things car audio. We’ve helped clients solve rear deck rattling with these prompts.

  • Are there any loose items in the door pockets?

  • Check for loose screws in your rear deck mounting

  • Check for a blown speaker

  • Use a speaker enhancement kit

    When there is rattling in your rear deck, it can interrupt the whole journey and cause a lot of frustration. In order to fix the problem, it is important to first source the issue and go from there. There are plenty of reasons as to why your rear deck could be rattling, but don’t fret. Here at Automotive Audio Visual, we have put together a list of things that could be causing your rear deck to rattle and how to combat them individually.

Are there any loose items in the door pockets?

The first step is an obvious one, but it is often overlooked in light of bigger problems. Loose items in the pocket of the car door can rustle when the rear deck is playing. Before you move on to other potential causes, remove any loose change, sunglasses, clips, or other small items from the car door. If the rattling persists, you might have loose screws.

Check for loose screws in your rear deck mounting

Once you have successfully located the rattling deck, which can be done by adjusting the fade and balance on the stereo receiver, it is time to look for loose screws in the mounting. To review the rear deck, you might need to remove a car door panel. Make sure that the rattling is reproduced on the stereo, and hold the suspected deck in place. If it stops rattling when held still, then loose screws are the source of the problem. You can tighten screws with a washer.

Check for a blown speaker

If the rattling proceeds when the speaker is held in place, then your speaker might have a rip or tear on the outer cone or inner reflexive cone. You can check this by removing the plastic or foam cover of your rear deck and inspect both cones. If there is a visible tear, then this is likely to be the cause of the rattling. This can be fixed in both instances by duct-taping over the rips.

Use a speaker enhancement kit

If the rattling still continues to persist beyond the torn check, then it may be worth investing in a speaker enhancement kit. This will include foam rings and backing that will allow you to reduce vibrations and prevent rattling in the mounting. It is important to purchase a kit that contains the right size rings for your rear deck.

At Automotive Audio Visual, we are committed to providing our customers with a top-quality in-car audio experience. If you require help with proper rear deck installation or are struggling to source the problem of deck issues, then contact us. Email us at or call us on 1300 228 287 or (07) 5524 1600. We are located on the Gold Coast.

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